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Optimal The Podcast Episode 11 - Your Questions Answered

January 26, 2022

Welcome to episode 11 of "Optimal - The Podcast". In this episode of Optimal, join Dr. Dicken and Beth Ellen DiLugio as they kick off 2022 by answering questions submitted by you, our listeners at Optimal DX, through the AMA feature in the ODX software.

As healthcare practitioners dedicated to empowering their fellow practitioners to help their patients reach their optimal state of health, join Dr. Dicken and Beth Ellen DiLugio in this episode where they provide answers to your clinical questions ranging from identifying the best biomarkers for Functional Blood Analysis and Fatty Liver to recommendations for supporting anterior pituitary dysfunction.

 Episode Highlights:

  • (2:42) What are the best biomarkers to run for a comprehensive Functional Blood Analysis?
  • (8:16) What are the optimal values and purpose of testing normal CRP in comparison to Hs-CRP?
  • (11:58) What would be your recommended time frame for repeating blood panels?
  • (16:21) What are some of the ways to support anterior pituitary dysfunction?
  • (24:26) Why would someone have a low HgbA1C (4.3%) and yet have elevated fasting glucose (105 mg/dl)?
  • (30:03) Fatty Liver Biomarkers: In your view, what should be the complete list of biomarkers to monitor for those who already have fatty liver, and how often should they get tested on these biomarkers?

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Where to Reach Beth

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Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Register for the The FBCA Mastery Training Program by clicking here.
  • Want to submit questions to us? Click Here for a free trial in the ODX Software
  • Click here to visit the Optimal DX website.


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