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Optimal The Podcast Episode 5 - The HOMA2 Calculator in Clinical Practice - an Interview with Dr. Brad Rachman

December 9, 2020

Join Dr. Dicken Weatherby and Dr. Brad Rachman as they talk about Dr. Rachman’s practice and clinical insights on blood sugar dysregulation. He discusses his use of the HOMA2 calculator, his assessment matrix to identify 5 dysfunctions of blood sugar regulation, and why he would be unable to assess for these without HOMA2.

Dr. Brad Rachman is an experienced health professional currently serving as Medical Director of the Rachman Clinic in Black Mountain, North Carolina. He also teaches restorative yoga therapy at Black Mountain Yoga and has dedicated most of his professional career to the treatment of chronic debilitating illnesses.

Tune into this episode as Dr. Rachman walks us through the process of taking someone through the diagnostic journey, explains why we’re seeing such a big epidemic in blood sugar dysregulation, what our fasting glucose is really telling us, as well how he uses the invaluable HOMA2 calculator values and other blood biomarkers to pinpoint exactly where his patients are on the journey to diabetes.

Episode Highlights:

(00:00) A brief intro on what Dr. Brad Rachman’s work

(00:01:23) Dr. Rachman’s process for taking someone through the diagnostics journey

(00:08:10) The epidemic of blood sugar dysregulation

(00:12:09) Biomarkers of Blood Sugar Dysregulation and the HOMA2 Calculator

(00:16:34) Nuts and bolts basics of glucose metabolism

(00:20:00) Elevated glucose as a sign that regulation is off and the effects of this

(00:21:38) HOMA2 ranges

(00:26:38) Dr. Rachman’s Blood Sugar Regulation Assessment Matrix: Early Insulin Resistance

(00:29:06) Why Dr. Rachman never uses fasting insulin to calculate HOMA2

(00:32:08) Dr. Rachman’s Blood Sugar Regulation Assessment Matrix: Late Insulin Resistance

(00:33:06) Dr. Rachman’s Blood Sugar Regulation Assessment Matrix: Type 2 Diabetes

(00:34:35) Dr. Rachman’s Blood Sugar Regulation Assessment Matrix: Reactive Hypoglycemia

(00:41:14) Dr. Rachman’s Blood Sugar Regulation Assessment Matrix: Type 3C Diabetes

(00:44:10) Dr. Raschman discusses his insights on what to do when presented with patients on this matrix

Where to Reach Dr. Rachman:

Genova Diagnostics LinkedIn

Dr. Brad Rachman LinkedIn

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