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Optimal The Podcast Episode 6 - Inflammation: A Focus on Cytokines

February 17, 2021

Join Dr. Dicken and Beth Ellen DiLugio in this episode as they talk about inflammation and its biomarkers. Learn about the signs and symptoms of inflammation, what conditions are associated with it, how our body can fight it, as well as the role of cytokines in inflammation!

Episode Highlights:

  • What is inflammation?
  • How do we know which conditions are associated with inflammation?
  • What are the sources of inflammation?
  • Inflammation biomarkers
  • Beth talks about the practical aspects of looking at cytokines
  • Inflammation and Cytokine Storm Assays
  • Pro-inflammatory cytokines vs anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • The ideal state of a patient prior to getting testing that would give the most value in terms of results from a clinical perspective?
  • Dietary inflammatory index
  • The most important anti-inflammatory spices
  • Natural supplements that boost immunity

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